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Sat, April 20

Letter: Gun freedoms have become ludicrous


I would like to voice my opinion on gun control. First, it is a privilege to own a gun. Second, there are responsibilities that come with gun ownership.

The problem is we have no boundaries. With freedom of owning a gun should require going to a gun shop and talking to someone about what kind of gun you want. Also, lessons on how to clean load and shoot a gun should be a requirement. You should be able to pass a test. The average person should want a hunting gun if they hunt and a handgun for protecting one's self. The people who should own assault guns and high-powered guns are the police, the military, the FBI and anyone connected our homeland protection. The average layperson does not need these kinds of guns. They are useless to hunt with as there would be nothing left for the hunter to eat because the animal would be blown apart.

With freedom come boundaries. We do not need everyone armed with high-powered guns.

Every day there are shootings. I think that one of the most stupid statements is people kill, guns do not kill. Well, if you kill someone with a car, it is called vehicular homicide. Guns like cars are lethal weapons. Just as a boxer's hands are lethal weapons. A knife is a lethal weapon. If you drive a car you must take a written exam and a driver's exam when you first start driving. You also have to have insurance. It is the law.

I am not asking for people to give up their gun owner rights but for the love of heaven, people, have some common sense. I for one hope that none of my neighbors and friends do not have weapons that would blow me apart if I said something they didn't like. This is what we really need to think about. There are too many people on drugs and alcohol and have anger problems.

Freedom comes with responsibilities. Please think and be responsi-ble before you purchase a gun.

Patricia Stauffer



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