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Wed, Oct. 16

Letter: Blaming Obama is far from correct


Jerry Fowler constantly amazes me with his letters. In the Dec. 12 letter, he accuses Bob Lynne of not knowing his facts, when it's Mr. Fowler who is ignorant of them. The filibuster, for instance, has never, in its history, been so horribly abused as it has during the Obama administration. Hence the need for its partial demise.

Mr. Fowler says that Obama has ruined the economy since 2008. Please remember, Obama didn't become President until 2009. The economic fiasco belongs to Bush's administration. Fowler complains that Obama's threat to tax the wealthy caused tax revenue to go down. I suspect that had more to do with the fact that so many people were jobless - because of the Bush economy - and weren't paying taxes.

Fowler complains that Obama's aim to tax the wealthy further is akin to socialism. Let's look at what the wealthy actually pay in taxes - with their tax loopholes, their money in foreign banks, etc. They actually pay a far less percentage than the average person.

Gas prices going up is the president's fault? Doubtful. The gas companies have hugely increased profits every year. Oh, but let's not tax them. Instead, let's give them subsidies, right? The same with all the other huge corporations that have been making enormous profits - off the backs of their employees - for whom they refuse to increase the minimum wage.

And voter ID? Inspectors have been hunting for tax fraud cases since the Bush/Gore election and haven't found enough to count on the fingers of one hand. The tax fraud argument is a sham along with extreme gerrymandering to disenfranchise old, minority and student voters who might vote Democrat.

Susan Lanning


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