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Mon, Jan. 20

It's official: Study proves junk food is cheaper than real food

Junk food VS nutrient rich food. And the winner is....

Junk food VS nutrient rich food. And the winner is....

Hello Simply Fit readers. Does it cost more to eat a healthy diet? According to a study by The Harvard School of Public Health, the answer is yes, and the price difference is about $1.50 per day per person. This equates to about $550 per year, and over $2,200 for a family of four. I don't know about you, but I don't have that much extra cash burning a hole in my pocket.

When looking at this study, it's important to consider that the study compared the healthiest diet verses the least healthy diet. Of course the healthiest diet cost more! Ramen noodles are about $0.14 per serving, where an apple is about $0.25 per serving, and that's if I buy the apple when it's on sale. To compare two extremes like healthiest versus least healthy is like comparing the cost of an Aston Martin to a Ford Pinto. Let's be realistic. Most of us will never own, or even ride in an Aston Martin.

I believe that most of us, including myself, do not eat the healthiest diet. Who does? Even the most health conscience people do not consume the healthiest diet at all times. This study only perpetuates the excuse for people to make poor choices when choosing foods because it gives the perception that eating healthy is beyond their means so why even try.

I feel this study would have been more useful if it compared a reasonably nutrient rich diet compared to the average American diet. I believe that this study would still show that eating a healthy diet does cost more, but the price would be minimal and would show that eating a healthy diet is within reach.

There is no doubt that eating a nutritious diet requires more time and effort, but try looking at it this way. According to Fooducate, "If you take a long-term view of your finances, eating nutrient poor junk foods is like an inverse mortgage on your future healthcare expenses. With every day's bad choices, you are increasing your chances of a really expensive disease in five, 10 or 20 years. Even if you are insured, the co-payments, time lost, pain, and suffering will be much more expensive than investing a few dollars in your family healthy every single day." I couldn't agree more.

I hope that you have a happy and healthy holiday season. May 2014 bring you more joy, friendship and love than you could have ever imagined. Be kind to yourself and to others.


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