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Mon, June 24

Letter: GOP opposes Obama's untenable programs


The Aug. 13 letter from Carol Eversole in Dewey makes several statements that I cannot let pass without comment.

Her invective tirade against opponents of President Obama was quite interesting, particularly her accusation of racism, which was totally uncalled for.

Because of the limited space for rebuttal, I will limit my reply to one allegation. She claims "'the GOP has been obsessed with denigrating the (Obama) administration by blocking virtually all legislation to help the people."

She is correct. The GOP has been against many of the president's programs. Their reason is simple: They violently disagree with his ideology and radical agenda.

His adversaries see Mr. Obama as the most inexperienced and liberal president in recent history. They point out that he has lived his entire life in an extreme left-wing academic bubble. Additionally, he did not spend the formative years of his youth in this country, and culturally he lacks the instinctive sense of Americanism.

Most of his initiatives have the commonality of collectivism. And this is unacceptable with the GOP and the majority of the American people who consider themselves conservatives.

His agenda is rife with examples. One is Obamacare. It's about to collapse from its own weight and, when it does, this opens the door for single-payer healthcare, otherwise known as socialized medicine.

Lastly, Ms. Eversole's closing comment implied that "our voting process proved that Mr. Obama has a majority of support for a second term."

Clint Eastwood's recent comment says it all: "Americans are so tired of being thought of as fools by the rest of the world that we went to the polls last November and removed all doubt."

C.R. Shoemaker


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