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Mon, Sept. 16

Letter: What if Trayvon was the one armed?


According to syndicated columnist Michael Reagan, the "Zimmerman case wasn't black and white." I have to disagree.

Reagan believes the prosecutors abused the justice system for political reasons, and then states that the six women jurors got it right. Judging from the interview juror number 6 gave after the trial was over, I have to wonder. She sounded totally biased toward Zimmerman. Because of Florida's "Stand Your Ground" law, even though it wasn't discussed during the trial, it had implications. Because of "Stand Your Ground," prosecutors who normally have to prove intent to kill now are faced with the legality of killing when threatened.

These laws undo justice by the very fact of condoning the use of deadly force.

Mr. Reagan, my question for you is, would Trayvon Martin, have been allowed to "stand his ground" that night if he had a weapon and felt threatened? I think not, and I certainly don't believe the police would have let him go from the crime scene, as Zimmerman was allowed to do.

These laws are based on fear - "be afraid of people of color, they are always out to do you harm." A very sad way to deal with a made-up problem.

George Zimmerman was a racist, proven by his own words on tape. He killed an innocent young black man, and he got away with it, because of "stand your ground."

Reagan writes, "The Sharptons and Piers Morgans, like the thousands who took to the streets to protest Zimmerman's acquittal, did so because they don't care what the jury decided." Not so fast, Mr. Reagan - they're out there because they do care what the jury decided, and they are bringing attention to the very real problem of racism in our society.

Mary Bradley


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