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6:28 PM Tue, Sept. 25th

Letter: Vote out tyrants at earliest opportunity


The right-wing is like a pebble in our shoe. Most people just want to belong, have a great future for their children, be part of the middle class, and have a job and food on the table. But this pebble - in the form of blowhard rhetoric and unconstitutional legislation - makes each step so difficult.

This pebble is continuously preventing us from walking through life without pain and anguish. How do we stop the pain? We remove the irritant and heal our wounds.

When people resist and have the courage to speak out, there is a power to stop predators from gambling with individual lives, liberty and justice under the law. So it is with the Republican assault on women through draconian anti-abortion laws. We must continue to push back, to rid these pebbles from our shoes, and resume our journey on the road forward.

In 2014 and 2016, we will have the opportunity to eliminate these pebbles and allow the healing to begin. Say "no" to unhealthy power. Social resistance brings inner power, peace and well-being.

Tomi Richardson

Prescott Valley