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Tue, July 23

Letter: Media bias verges on propagandist


In syndicated columnist Peter Funt's article titled "It's been a good season for the media," he cites the Zimmerman trial as having been a "remarkably effective job of coverage" by the media. He also suggests that MSNBC should hire Al Sharpton due to his "increased community activism and fundraising." He states that the Rolling Stone cover of Boston bomber Dzhokehar Tsarnaev is "business as usual for the publication that blends rock culture with significant in-depth reporting."

This may be a good season for the media in the twisted mind of Peter Funt, but I beg to differ.

Our incredibly biased media has chosen to ignore the "phony scandals," as President Obama calls them, surrounding the current administration, such as the Benghazi cover-up; the IRS's politically biased handling of applications for tax-exempt status; and the clandestine collection of personal information from email, telephone calls and social media sources. Incredibly, they even ignore the administration's interference with news reporters. They also overlook the many intentional misrepresentations made by the administration regarding Obamacare. Then there are the numerous violations of provisions in our Constitution routinely committed by our president. Also downplayed are the many millions of dollars wasted by the IRS, the GSA and other agencies for such foolishness as "conventions" in plush resorts, line dancing lessons for staff members, etc.

Instead of examining these critically important issues, the media chooses to stick its collective head in the sand and focus on nonsense.

Peter Funt may believe it has been a good season for the media, but in fact the media has been derelict in its responsibility to the public. It has become another arm of the political left and an unreliable source of important news.

Bert King



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