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9:52 PM Wed, Jan. 23rd

Column: Candidate Weiner offers consistency

Argus Hamilton

Argus Hamilton

Anthony Weiner re-leased his first TV commercials in his race to be elected New York mayor. Two months ago when the campaign first began, he said more texts and lewd photos might come out and they have. He's running as a politician who keeps his promises.

O.J. Simpson was granted a parole, reducing his sentence to five more years in Nevada prison. He's vindicated. O.J. was originally offered a plea bargain, either life in prison without parole or a season behind the Arizona Cardinals offensive line, and he took the life sentence.

The NFL opened training camps Sunday where players try to hone their skills. It's all about repetition. Every day it's running, drills and team practice, and every night the players must watch "Law and Order" reruns and see where the murderer made his mistake.

Monica Lewinsky's se-cretly recorded messages to Bill Clinton 16 years ago were leaked to the Enquirer Thursday. This was the last thing Hillary needed now. There's enough fresh evidence on the audio tape to impeach the Clinton Library and remove it from Arkansas.

The Washington Post said the crime rate in New York and Los Angeles is one-fourth its level two decades ago. Los Angeles is such a safe place to do business that you no longer have to send an intern down to start your car.

President Obama de-clared that the Keystone pipeline would only provide 50 permanent jobs. That's true as far as it goes. However, you could say the New England Patriots only provide fifty permanent jobs but look at the jobs they generate in food, beverage, clothing sales, television ad revenue and, this year, blood spatter analysis.