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Wed, July 17

Letter: Columnists off base with criticism


I'm not sure what readers are supposed to infer by reading Doug Patton's column, "Obama leaves doors unlocked." I'm sad that the Courier thought this diatribe was even considered newsworthy. It hints at the same old ugly anti-immigration" rhetoric that comes from the far right. It serves only to fan the flames of those who are like-minded, and creates a bigoted atmosphere. This type of analysis is way off base, and doesn't help us move forward on immigration, at all.

Tom Purcell can really get you going, with his "silver tongue" analogy concerning President Obama. You may not be calling the president the devil, but you speak of similar characteristics, which to me are shameful. When will your side, Mr. Purcell, take responsibility for losing the election?

How many times must the facts be stated? Women are tired of the Republican agenda trying to control their bodies. Economists say more spending is needed, not less. President Obama will be known as a great orator, but your "silver tongue" reference is pathetic. Your party left us with this huge deficit after being handed a surplus. Your party's representatives lied to us, and got us into a 3-trillion-dollar war, with over 4,000 lives lost. Along with tax cuts that were never paid for.

And oh, by the way, these tax cuts resulted in few jobs created. So Mr. Purcell, stop "waxing poetic" about the "good old Republican days." I can't remember any. Your party has it written into their "manifesto" not to reach across the isle. Time to take off your rose-colored glasses, Mr. Purcell, your columns are just the "same old stuff."

Monica White



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