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Thu, Nov. 21

Letter: Liberal malcontents need history lessons


Mr. Lynne's letter of Aug. 15 asks about a previous letter-writer, "Who does he think championed the Civil Rights Act? Barry Goldwater?" Perhaps you think that Democratic icon of civil rights, Bob Byrd, was the primary sponsor when he spoke against the act for more than 14 hours in a pointless and cynical filibuster.

The facts are the House had 259 Democrats to 176 Republicans. The vote was 152 Democrats and 138 Republicans voting for the act. About 75 percent of Dems voted against it. On the Senate side, 71 senators voted for closure in order to end the filibuster by southern Democrats with 44 Democrats and 27 Republicans voting to bring the act to a vote. Of the "nay" votes about 80 percent were Democrats.

From the New York Times: "More than any other single individual, he (Sen. E. Dirkson Rep. Ill.) was responsible for getting the civil rights bill through the Senate." And in Time magazine: "In one of the most lopsided Democratic Houses since FDR, Republicans were vital to the passage of a bill for which the Democratic administration means to take full political credit this year."

I disagree with Mr. Lynne that Republicans have changed their ideology. I believe that because Republicans are not acting like the usual submissive RINOs (Republicans in Name Only), we are now a bunch of radical right-wing ideologues.

During the Bush administration, the liberals became accustomed to the lemming-like voting of the pseudo-conservatives when "consensus" and "compromise" were analogous to "if you don't agree with everything we propose, you are racists, bigots, unenlightened," etc.

If politics in our system are not adversarial, then we will have anarchy and rule by fiat, as now.

And, "throwing in with" big corporations: ever heard of GM, GE, Brazilian Oil, Fiskar, pharmaceutical companies, numerous failed "green" energy companies and so on?

I believe Mr. Lynne's letter is the usual liberal malcontent copy-and-paste diatribe that substitutes opinion for facts and history.

George Helm


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