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Sun, Aug. 25

Letter: All sides have a right to write


In response to "Well Written Columns are Too One Sided" and "Columns Twist Quotes and Facts" from May 8, Democrats controlled both the Senate and Congress for the last two years of the Bush administration and had complete control during the first two years of the Obama administration and now control the senate and the presidency. All I've heard from Democrats and the mainstream media is that everything that is wrong with this country is the Republican's fault.

Yet these two letter writers are whining about a conservative columnist opinions, as if Democrats have an open mind. Everything that the writers are whining about is exactly what Democrats do. Anyone who disagrees with a Democrat is labeled a racist, a hate monger, poorly educated, myopic thinking polarizing Neanderthal and at the same time, Democrats are calling for civility. One of these letters says, "her misleading propaganda has no place in a respectable, objective newspaper." So what would you suggest that a "respectable objective newspaper" do? Silence any opinion that differs from your? I personally disagree and am against everything that Tom Cantlon stands for, but in a free society he is entitled to his opinions and I do not believe that he should be silenced. Isn't that what liberals want?

Stephen Hogan


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