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Thu, Sept. 19

Letter: Which group hates America?


We are hearing so much inflammatory rhetoric from the right about how the liberals hate America, but just how accurate is this? Let us examine some things.

There is indeed a group that hates America, but it is actually the 1 percent. Think about it: Amid record-breaking profits and GOP tax cuts for them, big corporations still are not bringing any jobs home that they have shipped overseas. Why would they? They can pay sweatshop child labor as little as 25 cents per hour - in some places, it is 25 cents per day. Contrary to Republican rhetoric, they will never bring these jobs back to America no matter how many tax cuts we give them. They don't have to - they know the Grand Old Party will continue to give them all the breaks with absolutely no strings attached.

Here in America, the rich "job creators" (what a false euphemism!) would have to pay our paltry minimum wage and invest in safe working conditions for their employees. In overseas sweatshops, if someone is killed in an accident, they don't have to do anything. Profits are their bottom line - they care nothing about people or America. They have no patriotism, love of country, or compassion.

So who really hates America? Is it the liberals who believe the little guy should get a fair shake once in a while? Or is it the corporations whom the self-described patriots want to give all the breaks to? It is tragically comic that those who claim to love America so much are fawning at the feet of those who care nothing for it.

Parker Anderson


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