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Tue, July 16

Musings from Mayer: Good Ole Days?

March at NOTA Ranch with welcomed moisture

March at NOTA Ranch with welcomed moisture

I took this picture this morning and it reminded my husband and me of the "Good Ole Days" when we were children in Michigan and had to shovel snow, before the snow blower was invented. It got us thinking of what children today will call their "Good Ole Days."

Recently I was talking to my hygienist at the dentist office and saying how much better their procedures have become because of modern technology. She laughed and told me about her recent experience with her 8-year-old daughter. While in the car, her daughter was calling her best girlfriend who was home. She dialed the cell phone and held it to her ear an extra long time. When questioned about why they haven't answered, her daughter said the ring was the weirdest ring she had ever heard and handed the cell phone to her mother so she could listen. When her Mom heard the "ring" she began to smile. The daughter had never heard a "busy signal"-- she had always used cell phones.

On the internet a video was showing a baby whose parents had introduced the child to an I-pad. When a beautiful picture in a magazine was put on the floor in front of the baby, she moved her hand across it trying to get it to change.

Our "Good Ole Days" technology was black and white TVs after the test pattern went off before and after the evening programs, small pleasures of getting a surprised long distance phone call from one of our family members, being able to dial a phone without having the operator dial it for you, friends dropping by on their Sunday afternoon drive to just say "Hi" and checking on your well being. Some of the small pleasures of our days will long be cherished and remembered forever. Makes you wonder what the "Good Ole Days" memories will be for kids of today.


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