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Sat, March 23

GOLF TIPS by Mack McCarley, PGA Professional

Many golfers think that a bunker, or sand trap shot is difficult but that's not the case.

Actually a trap shot is the easiest shot in golf once you know and practice the fundamentals. The secret is to use a sand wedge (which is designed just for that shot) and as you set up in the sand make sure that the clubface is "open". (When you look down the club should be facing the sky.) And as you swing simply strike the sand "behind" the golf ball and keep the face of the club open.

There's lots of room for error on this shot because you can hit 1" or 5" behind the ball and still get out of the trap. You don't need a lot of power for the swing, just stay still over the ball, strike behind the ball and follow thru remembering to "keep the clubface open".

With a little practice the sand shot will be no problem and your confidence will increase.

-Mack McCarley is the PGA Professional at the Antelope Hills Golf Courses and a member of the Arizona Golf Hall of Fame.


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