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Wed, June 19

Letter: Dems used power for spending spree


Regarding the letter by Sam Brunstein on May 25 ("Obstructionist Congress is to blame"), there you Democrats go again, blaming Republicans for the economic woes of this administration. The truth is the Democrats had a supermajority in Congress during the first two years of Barack Obama's presidency, rendering a filibuster-proof Senate and total domination of the House. During this time, the stimulus package was passed but failed to keep unemployment under 8 percent as promised. Obamacare was crammed through on a partisan basis without any transparency whatsoever and despite the fact that most Americans were opposed to it. As we await the Supreme Court's decision on its constitutionality, the national debt has soared to a mind-boggling $15 trillion.

The only bipartisan action this president has taken is appointing the Simpson Bowles Debt Commission, which came up with positive recommendations to turn this economy around. Unfortunately, Obama ignored their recommendations, not wanting to place any restraints on his spending spree.

This November will determine which direction Americans want to go: toward more irresponsible spending, further downgrading of our credit rating and more dependence upon big government, or toward economic and energy independence and smaller government.

Jon McNay



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