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Thu, Aug. 22

Letter: Cutting enforcement flouts Constitution


The Supreme Court recently ruled constitutional the central issue in Arizona's immigration law (SB1070). Within hours, the Obama administration, through the Homeland Security Department, canceled for Arizona the procedure by which local law enforcement officials turn over illegal aliens to the federal government for adjudication.

Is it just Arizona, or does that cancellation apply to all states? If it's Arizona only, what is the rationale of the Obama administration for singling out this one state? The 14th amendment to the Constitution directly and specifically forbids unequal application of the law.

Unless his proscription applies to all states, the president and his Secretary of Homeland Security (of whom I am profoundly ashamed; she was Arizona's governor and should know better) are blatantly violating the Constitution. It looks like the action of a petulant little tyrant who is trying to punish the Supreme Court for not seeing things his way. He thinks the way to do that is by excluding this state from participating like other states in enforcing immigration law.

Will he take the same action against all the other states, which have similar laws, now adjudged constitutional by the Supreme Court? I also want to know what action the Congress intends to take about that and when. The administration is saying they do not intend to enforce the law. If a public official refuses to do his duty, what are we to do? There are legal and ethical procedures in place to hold them accountable, to remove them from office, to prosecute them for dereliction of duty, to send them to jail when found guilty.

How soon can we expect Congress to act? Or will the Congress simply abdicate its duty?

Paul Gosar, Jon Kyl, John McCain: I want and expect an answer from you - not a piece of BS boilerplate. Not from a member of your staff. I want to hear from you, personally and quickly.

Richard Jonas

Chino Valley

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