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Fri, Oct. 18

Letter: Plenty of reasons to oppose Obama


It is (letter-writer) Bob Lynne who has missed the mark on the Tea Party message. The movement is based on following the Constitution, balancing the budget, reducing spending, cutting taxes or maintaining the Bush tax rates (there were no tax cuts for the rich as Obama claimed), and defeating Obama's socialist healthcare plan.

Since 2008, the congressional Democrats have not presented a balanced budget, which is required by law. Bill Clinton signed the balanced budget amendment in 1996 (after vetoing it two or three times).

Obama and many others hold the false premise that taxing the rich (1 percent) will produce an increase in tax revenues. It is the rich who are the small business owners who employ 75 percent of our work force. If the rich are taxed more, then increased unemployment will follow along with reduced income for the rich, which in turn reduces the tax revenues. Three presidents have shown that tax cuts increase tax revenues, reduce the unemployed and grow the economy. Why has Obama changed his position on tax cuts from a year ago? Obviously, reducing taxes on corporations and capital gains will grow our economy and therefore jobs. Our corporations have the second-highest, if not the highest tax rates of the first world countries. Taxing corporations increases the cost of their products - a simple principle of business.

The average public employee, federal and state, has twice the income, retirement and healthcare benefits as that of the average private employee. Federal and state employees are funded by tax revenues. Obama's jobs bill was to create more government jobs, leading to more debt. In 2010, we spent 67 percent more than we took in - and Obama wants to spend more?

Jerry Fowler


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