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Sun, Aug. 18

Letter: Two sides to facts about administration


Mr. Bob Lynne's letter of Feb. 12 contains more wild speculation and inaccuracies regarding the Obama administration. The facts are that TARP and the QE programs of government wasteful spending have proven almost entirely ineffective to both the unemployment rate and the overall economy. While the administration boasts of an 8 percent unemployment rate, the fact is that the 1.2 million "discouraged workers" who have given up looking for employment are not included in the government report.

Meanwhile, the number of Americans on food stamps has risen by more than 14 million, including one out of every four children, since Obama took office.

The federal funding of "green" projects and hybrid cars is another example of wasteful, misguided spending with no tangible results. The Chevy VOLT is a good example of government funded failure, as is the $6.5 billion wasted on other such companies such as Solyndra, Beacon Power, First Solar and many others.

Our national debt now exceeds $15 trillion and is rising every day. Yet, our government responds by raising the spending limit and continuing its wasteful ways. The president has shown no leadership regarding the national budget or rational spending cuts.

Obama refuses to approve the Keystone pipeline, which would provide between 20,000 and 30,000 good paying jobs for Americans. Instead, we remain ever more dependent upon foreign oil from countries that oppose the USA while President Obama continues to respond to union and environmentalist demands.

Mr. Lynne should read the U.S. Constitution and consider some of the actions recently taken by President Obama, such as his absentee appointments to the Labor Relations Board, his 30+ unauthorized "czars" and the approval process of the Obamacare program. Then perhaps he would understand some of the numerous violations we have witnessed.

According to our president, everything that goes wrong is former President Bush's fault and everything that doesn't get done is the fault of Congress. The liberal media fully supports these allegations and purposefully overlooks Obama's many errors in judgment and shortcomings. Intentional governmental distortion and socialists' wishful thinking cannot change the facts.

Dream on Mr. Lynne.

Bert King



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