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Sat, Dec. 07

Letter: Don't make new laws; fight the madness


The tragedy that unfolded in Newtown, Conn. defies words, logic or explanation. There is no measure of grief or sadness to console a parent who has lost a child. I know, my wife and I have lost two.

Our nation mourns as it should the loss of innocence and tries to come to grips with the depth of the senseless loss of life and carnage.

How does our country respond? As it always does, by trying to legislate the problem out of existence. In the coming days, weeks and months, legislators will be coming out of the woodwork with all manner of 2nd Amendment gun-restriction proposals from right to carry to concealed weapons limitations to bans on all manner of rifles, clips, magazines, bullets, you name it.

If every proposed law were to pass, it would not change the violence because we cannot legislate away the madness.

The shootings and carnage in Connecticut was the work of a deranged mind as was the shootings in Oregon, Tucson, Columbine and all else. Thinking that we can solve the gun problem with legislation is the same as thinking we can solve the immigration problem by building a fence.

There are millions of guns and gun owners in the United States. There are also an unknown number of individuals with voices in their heads telling them to do awful things. These individuals are seriously mentally ill. Some are passively ill, many are violently ill. The shooter in Connecticut it was reported had a personality disorder. Gee, ya think?

We as a nation need to address the violence, which has reached epidemic proportions, from TV to video games to movies, we are about violence. Many in our country have lost the ability to separate fantasy from reality. Many of our vets return home still fighting a war in the heads.

If we truly want to solve gun violence, we need to address the madness in the mind that pulls the trigger. Legislate for better mental health care, train parents and educators to recognize mental issues with their children.

And as long as we are talking madness, thank Governor Brewer who now allows anyone to carry a concealed weapon.

Ken Singer


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