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Wed, Oct. 23

Letter: Democratic policies gateway to socialism


Larry Wonderling's (Nov. 19) taunt that "the election is over" is uncalled for. Apparently, he ascribes to the totalitarian view that power ends free speech and supersedes truth. But Americans honor our Constitutional freedoms.

His "PoliSci 101" is revisionist. He tries to divide socialism from communism. They are as different as Pippins and Galas. The communist Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (1917-1991) proves this. His denial that Social Security is socialist is absurd. Roosevelt boasted of its "redistributive" effect and lamented that he could not fully socialize the U.S. with "free" government healthcare.

Wonderling slanders our military by calling them socialist without justification. Later, he ignores Jihadist murder of more than 3,000 American civilians and invasion of our oil suppliers, trying to make "unnecessary invasions" and imaginary "occupations" sound frivolous or greedy.

Wonderling misrepresents the gender-neutral "all men" which the Declaration affirms are "equal." He tries to make this a misogynist "flaw" rather than accept its universality.

Wonderling conceals Clinton's Equal Housing Act and Community Reinvestment Act, forcing banks to write loans to those unable to afford them. He hides the Dodd Frank Act of 2007, which forced his "greedy Wall Street rich" to trade those worthless loans and collapse our economy.

The "ugly flavor" is from trying to make the most successful and generous country in history sound greedy. Our government has always given more in humanitarian aid than any other. Saudi Arabia is second, with 25 percent. And Americans have always given more than their government in private donations. Progressives' waste and job-killing have reduced private donations by 50 percent over Obama's term. "Survival of the fittest" in business has always allowed prosperous individuals and charities to keep neighbors fed and warm. Socialist/Keynesian choosing of crony "winners and losers" has now failed here like everywhere else, and has no place in our Republic, Mr. Ph.D.

Curtis Allen

Prescott Valley

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