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Sun, June 16

Letter: Columnist after pro athletes next?


The comments that follow are in response to The Daily Courier's April 18, 2012, Tom Cantlon column, "Arizona's taxes are upside down."

Even though Mr. Cantlon was gracious enough to slowly walk me through his column, because of advancing age and other infirmities, I had a difficult time grasping his message. However, after slowing my perusal to his gate and then doing a few rereads, a picture began to evolve.

Out of this fog my senses began to alert me that the writer was, most likely, a self professed Independent with Obama leanings, who is a card-carrying member of the clan that demonizes the rich.

In his expose, Mr. Cantlon compared the status of a dishwasher at $20,000 per year to that of a person making $1 million per year. He went on to write that a dishwasher, on average, pays 12 percent in Arizona taxes (income, sales, etc.) while the rich one pays only 4 percent of his income to cover the same taxes.

Here again, I may be losing something, but, if I were free to choose, I would prefer 4 percent of $1 million to 12 percent of $20,000.

Once Mr. Cantlon has neutralized the rich, most likely, he will cast a covetous eye towards professional golf, major league baseball, NASCAR, etc. where his mission will be to handicap these respective activities to a point where a novice such as I can compete.

Kenneth Server

Prescott Valley


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