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Fri, July 19

Letter: Judging Christians should be left to God


After reading Parker Anderson's anti-Christian diatribe, "Christians don't follow tenets," in the Aug. 21 Courier, I felt I had to respond.

Evidently, Mr. Anderson believes that anyone who doesn't support liberal, big government tax-and-spend policies is "fighting for the wealthy" and, therefore, cannot be a true Christian.

I really hate to break this news to biblical scholar Anderson, but Jesus did not teach us to engage in class warfare. He did not teach us to hate the rich, covet our neighbor's possessions, or envy and despise those who have more than we do. Furthermore, I couldn't find a single scripture in the New Testament in which Jesus told his followers to spend twice as much as they earn and leave a $16 trillion debt to future generations. I also fail to find any verse in which Jesus told his disciples to use His teachings to further some socialist, political agenda.

Additionally, I would like to remind Mr. Anderson that Jesus fed the multitudes without the use of food stamps, and He healed the sick without Medicare, Medicaid or Obamacare.

I am amazed that Mr. Anderson is unaware of the fact that Christians give more of their time and money (voluntarily) to help more of the poor and the sick than all of the governments in the world combined. Isn't it ironic that no one has ever heard of Non-Catholic Charities, the Ungodly Army, the Atheist Children's Fund and the Agnostic's Red Question Mark?

Mr. Anderson further states that Christianity is losing followers because "they know nothing about what Jesus taught." I'm sorry, Mr. Anderson, but Christians don't need to get moral lectures from people who use scripture only to advance their political agendas. It will be God who judges who is or isn't a true Christian.

Contrary to Mr. Anderson's claims, Christianity is growing at astonishing rates all over the world.

Nicholas J. Donsky

Prescott Valley


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