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Wed, July 17

Letter: Taxes shouldn't deter economic transactions


In a recent column, Tom Cantlon tried again to persuade us we're undertaxed and our government is underfunded. Both propositions are mistaken.

Tom is correct to remind us of the many types of taxes we pay in addition to income taxes, but he draws the wrong lesson from that unhappy fact. Tom is worried lower-income people pay a higher portion of their income in taxes than do higher-income people. But of course that is true of virtually all living expenses, whether food or housing or fuel in our cars. Life is easier for those selfish rich folks than it is for the rest of us. So what's new?

Our tax policy should be used to raise adequate revenue for the legitimate purposes of government while doing the least possible damage to the economy. Taxes should not impede the people's investment and consumption decisions that make economic growth possible.

The best way to improve things for everyone is to reduce the role of government in the lives of everyday people.

John Stevens



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