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Sat, Nov. 16

Letter: Liberals are the ones using labels


Big-government liberals revealed their strategy for the 2012 election cycle during the debt-ceiling debate. Democratic congressional members joined the big guns of the leftist media, such as Chris Matthews, Paul Krugman and organizations like Code Pink, to viciously smear conservative Republican members. Forgetting their phony appeals for civility (even as they tried to first blame Republicans, then gun owners and, finally, Christians) after the attempted assassination in Tucson of Congresswoman Gabby Giffords - but realizing that the "racist card" has played out - they are now resorting to calling loyal Americans who oppose their disastrous policies "terrorists." Even worse, Vice President Joe Biden was one of the propagators of the smear.

Ironically, these are the same liberals who call the world struggle against Islamic radicals an "overseas contingency" instead of a war on terrorism, and refuse to label as terrorists those who actually commit the murder of men, women and children, who bomb innocents at prayer, and perform live beheadings on video for the world to view.

Just as those who refused to accept the racist label to describe their opposition to an administration bent on changing the fabric of our democracy from capitalist to socialist, so too will they repudiate those who refer to them as terrorists.

Jim Barber

Camp Verde

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