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Fri, May 24

Letter: Don't bandy the term 'class warfare' lightly


You may have heard the charge of "class warfare" from millionaire senators like McCain and Kyl lately in response to President Obama's plan to make the super-rich pay a little more of their fair share. Well, what is real "class warfare?" Real class warfare is when the rich can afford healthcare but the less fortunate are more likely to die because of a lack of quality, affordable care. Real class warfare is when a fixed-income senior like me paid way more in taxes than multi-billion dollar companies like GE, Citigroup and Bank of America combined because of inexcusable corporate tax loopholes created by politicians owned by lobbyists and special interests. Real class warfare is when the rich have gotten richer in the last decade while the rest of us in the middle class are suffering more and more. And to add more insult to injury, some politicians want to shift even more of the cost of living onto the middle class and less affluent (e.g., cutting Medicare or Social Security benefits instead of raising revenue by taxing the super rich more). That is the real class warfare going on right now!

Joe Zarnoch

Chino Valley


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