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Wed, July 17

Letter: Taking issue with theory of evolution


In response to Kurt Olsen's letter on Nov. 7, where he tries to pass the theory of evolution off as science, my reply is that evolution is not even a good theory, it is only a very bad hypothesis, and is much more like a fairy tale than real science.

Real science operates by the four steps of the scientific method: observation; make a hypothesis based on your observation; test your hypothesis; have repeatable results. The only step of the scientific method that evolution has is hypothesis. This step it has in abundance, and it keeps changing all the time.

The magic ingredient with evolution is millions and billions of years. If a frog turns into a handsome prince by a kiss from a princess instantly it is a fairy tale, but if the frog turns into a man over millions of years it is science? I don't think so.

Darwin said that over time the fossil record will validate his theory. It has been 152 years since he published his book, and there are still no proven transitional forms in the fossil record.

Mr. Olsen challenges us to present "real evidence" (against evolution) and not generalities. If you really want the evidence against evolution, there is a mountain of it available in hundreds of books, DVDs, CDs, college level courses, etc., but the thing that I've noticed about evolutionists is that they almost always refuse to look at the evidence against their pet theory, even when it's offered to them free.

Here are just a few things to consider in the short amount of space that I have left. Evolution violates the most basic laws of science: 1) law of Biogenesis - life only comes from life; 2) First law of Thermodynamics - matter cannot be created or destroyed (something cannot come out of nothing); 3) Second law of Thermodynamics - everything is losing workable energy (everything is running down and getting worse, not better like evolution says).

Keep searching for the truth Mr. Olsen, you'll find it in Genesis chapter 1 and 2.

David McNabb


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