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Tue, March 19

Letter: Theory of evolution based in science


Editor Tim Wiederaenders seems to not understand the scientific definition of a theory as in his "Schools should already be 'real creative'" Friday Catchall opinion piece on May 20 where he referred to the theory of evolution as just a theory, citing Jim McNabb as saying it is "more like a fairy tale." Creation/creationism is the real fairy tale. There is no scientific examination, testing and proof of it.

In science, a theory is something proven: says: " ... A common distinction made in science is between theories and hypotheses, with the former being considered as satisfactorily tested or proven and the latter used to denote conjectures or proposed descriptions or models which have not yet been tested or proven to the same standard ... "

Darwin did not invent evolution. Many scientists long before him recognized it existed. Darwin did no more than propose a mechanism, survival of the fittest, by which it worked.

Folks claiming evolution is just a theory, hence not real, need to understand the scientific definition of theory. They may not be aware that gravity is another theory, but I doubt they would claim it does not exist.

John Broughton

Prescott Valley


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