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Sat, Jan. 25

Letter: Peace must be a two-way street


After reading Randall Amster's column for years now, I wonder if any of his students can ever obtain gainful employment when graduating with a degree in Peace Studies and Social Thought. Perhaps if he would take a logic class himself, Amster's column would make more sense.

His column of May 17 starts out with an ad hominem attack on those who disagree with his belief that a wall on the border is a bad idea. Those who disagree with Randall are "politically-motivated," "cynical" and suffer from "border-control mania." Also, if you want to stop the flood of illegal immigrants, many of whom are drug dealers and felons, many of whom bring diseases once eradicated in the U.S. and who leave mounds of litter and human waste, Amster says that you favor "apartheid regimes" and implies you care more about property rights than human beings.

What a wonderful invitation when seeking opinions of those who might disagree with his world view.

Amster teaches "peace" to his students at Prescott College. I think he is doing them a disservice because he certainly isn't preparing them for the real world. The nearest thing to true peace in this imperfect world is found in strength. Tyrants and bullies pick on those they perceive as weak.

I am sure Amster teaches his students to "reason" and negotiate with these people and that rarely, if ever, works. I would bet that Amster has a "Coexist" bumper sticker on his car. But can he logically answer the question, "How do you coexist with people who want to cut your head off?"

R.F. "Buz" Williams


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