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9:55 PM Wed, Jan. 23rd

Letter: Another look at bureaucratic facts, figures


On April 28, Susan Lanning replied to my April 17 letter in The Daily Courier. She suggested my facts were not right regarding recent events in Wisconsin, Indiana and other states with legislative problems.

Sadly, Ms. Lanning missed the core argument of my letter. Her description of the Wisconsin events contained the tired, old rhetoric of the blame game, which has dominated and deadlocked our government for decades.

The following are facts, not in dispute, regarding recent Wisconsin events.

1.) In 2010, Wisconsin voters removed the party in power and replaced it with another. This is known as the will of the people.

2.) The party now in power has an agenda that is opposed by the minority party.

3.) In a republic, the minority party functions in opposition to the majority and takes to the floor of the statehouse where debate, compromise and votes take place in governing.

4.) The minority party chose to absent itself from the statehouse, and its representatives actually left the state, rendering the government of Wisconsin to limbo.

Obviously, Ms. Lanning and I are entitled to our opinions, but there is only one set of facts here. If Ms. Lanning fails to grasp a functional republic in action, there is nothing further to debate.

Bob Charlesworth