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Sat, Nov. 16

Letter: Example shows flaw in open-border idealism


Randall Amster, Courier columnist and Prescott College professor, has made some very interesting points about Arizona's immigration policies. He wrote on May 16 that "walls and fences are for apartheid regimes, not democratic nations." He also makes the point that those of us in the U.S.A. are "trapped inside that same wall." It's an interesting point when one considers how many people want to enter the U.S.A. versus those who want to leave. There are no walls keeping in those who wish to leave the U.S.A., but many, many people want the opportunities and benefits afforded to residents of the United States. Many more people than can be accommodated under current immigration laws.

He complains about the use of private donations, which would make Arizona into the "largest gated community." But isn't this just a method to have citizens pay taxes voluntarily to provide the funding for a public project they believe in? Doesn't this bring democracy front and center, with people voting with their dollars whether they support or reject the building of a wall?

Every time I read one of Amster's columns, I hear him complain about Gov. Brewer and Republican policies. Yet he never offers any solutions himself. He never suggests exactly what should be cut when the state is in such a difficult budget cycle. I'd like to hear Mr. Amster's suggestions for solving the problems facing our state.

I would like to ask Mr. Amster if he might consider applying to his workplace, Prescott College, the same principles he seems to advocate with open borders? I would like to see open enrollment at Prescott College. There's no competition for entry; everyone will be accepted. No need to worry about classroom size or ability to pay; everyone will be welcome. Anyone who desires entry into Prescott College just needs to walk onto the campus and is thus accepted and guaranteed an education!

I don't know where the money to pay Mr. Amster's salary will come from, but I'm sure he'll be happy to take a pay cut or work for free so everyone can receive their Prescott College education, in the name of peace and social justice.

Mark Aviles


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