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Tue, Oct. 15

My goal, 10 pounds in 5 weeks

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Hello Simply Fit readers. Last week I had a rude but not totally unexpected awakening. I attempted to put on a pair of shorts that fit me perfectly last summer, but would not even come close to buttoning a few days ago despite my pleading and snake like movements to force the darn button to fit into the darn hole. "FYI: Darn was not the word coming out of my mouth."

I mentioned that this awakening was not totally unexpected because I have allowed my diet to become more relaxed, eating more than I usually eat at meals, enjoying desserts more often, snacking a little more than usual. I didn't change my diet drastically but it changed enough that over a 6 month period, I had gained 10 pounds!

So what, you might be saying. 10 pounds is no big deal. OK then. When does it become a big deal? When I'm 15, 20, 50 pounds heavier than I want to be. Wouldn't it be easier to lose 10 pounds than 50? Yes!

I'm always dumbfounded when I hear people say that they somehow gained back a tremendous amount of weight. Why did they let it go for so long? Problems are so much easier to tackle when they are small.

So here is my goal: 10 pounds shed by the 4th of July. That is 5 weeks and one day from the day that I am writing this blog (May 29). My goal has a specific target number, 10 pounds. It has a deadline, 4th of July, and it is obtainable, 2 pounds per week.

Now for the fun part. How am I going to reach this goal? I was in Barnes and Noble with my daughter yesterday. While she was searching for a new book, I headed over to the health section of the store. WOW! There are literally thousands of different books that promise weight loss with their unique and easy plan. I don't think so.

Here is my plan. Take in fewer calories than what my body uses. By golly this plan is so simple that it might actually work! I joke because I have been educating clients on this concept for years and every time I explain it to someone, I get the "deer in the headlights" look. Calorie counting? What? Who has the time or patience for that? Just tell me what I can't eat is the usual response. Ugh!

Here is the concept.

• Take your current weight and divide by 2.2kg. (Example. 140 pounds / 2.2 = 63.6 kg.)

• Now take that number and multiple by 25. (Example. 63.6 X 25 = 1590 calories)

This is an approximate amount of calories you need to consume in order to lose weight, and not send your body into "hold on to the fat" mode. This happens when you don't consume enough calories and the body slows down its metabolism in an effort to keep you alive during a famine.

Keep in mind that the more active you are, the more calories you burn, and the more calories you can consume. This is why I try to exercise 45 to 60 minutes every day. Also remember that this is a mathematical calculation and is not exact. Every person will be different, so adjust accordingly.

No foods are off limits but obviously the healthier you eat, the more you can eat. The key is staying close to the number of calories that you are allowed without going over.

So now you have heard my confession and my repentance. What makes my repentance even more binding is the fact that I am making it public knowledge. I am telling everyone at work, my family, and all three of my blog readers, "ha ha."

I am keeping a food journal in which I jot down every calorie that I eat or drink and I use a website called "" to help me figure out the calories of foods that are more difficult to calculate, and I am determined to report back my progress on a weekly basis. Please feel free to post your goal and progress on this blog. Together we can cheer each other on!

On a side note, I want to send out a big "WOO HOO" to my Mom, brother, and sis-in-law for their effort to quit smoking. I am so proud of your efforts!


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