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Sun, Jan. 26

Letter: Prescott Valley Planned Parenthood not just 'health care'


I'm writing in response to your article on Planned Parenthood's abortion mill that will open in 'lil 'ole Prescott Valley.

Contrary to popular myth, Planned Parenthood is not the benevolent "health care provider" that they want you to think they are!

Besides pillaging billions of taxpayer dollars for abortions to which 67% of Americans object, they are a multi-million dollar money-making business firmly devoted to abortion that attempts to divide young teens from their parents.

Planned Parenthood exists only to exploit you, or your daughter's most intense moral moment; the realization of pregnancy. Also, due to Janet Napolitano's veto of a bipartisan parental consent bill, your daughter can also get dangerous birth control and abortion services without your knowledge!

All this without even being told the many present and future risks related to abortion - risks including, but not limited to Post Abortion Stress Syndrome, breast cancer, and infertility. Many people involved in past abortions grieve over the fact that if they had more information they would have made a different choice.

One place you can get the facts to make an informed choice is typically at a crisis pregnancy center. Also check out websites like, or Center for Bioethical Reform.

Leaders of Planned Parenthood including founder Margaret Sanger, participated in and received awards for spreading the philosophies of the Communist Manifesto, that infamous anti-religion, anti-family belief system that advocates, among other things, population control. Planned Parenthood freely admits to placing their abortion mill in our hospital's shadow to appear as "health care." What a mockery of our beautiful new maternity wing!

Prescott Valley concerned citizens must unite to protect our children by opposing this disgusting plague on our community, and by keeping their sex education/abortion agenda out of our public schools.

The Bible's timeless wisdom warns us that the blood of the innocent cries out from the ground to a holy God, and He is listening!

If you are one of the many people who have had an abortion and sincerely regret the decision, there is hope! You can find freedom and forgiveness in a loving Savior, Jesus Christ, who requires another difficult choice; repentance.

C. Cilano

Prescott Valley

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