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Fri, March 22

Column: Pro-Israel letter was misguided, misleading


Here we go again! More pro-Israeli propaganda in Holly Schrader's July 6 letter, "Article stokes anti-Semitic flames."

Let's take each paragraph for distortions and historical inaccuracies (and there are many). First, Israel might be a "tiny country" when compared to the entire Arab world, but it's the fourth-most militarily powerful country in the world (thanks to the U.S.) behind the United States, China and Russia. Tiny doesn't count when you're loaded with nuclear bombs, Phantom jets, etc.

"Jews vacated the Gaza Strip and gave it to the Palestinians." Who does she think was living there before the Jewish settlers from Russia and Brooklyn, under the military protection of Israel, occupied Gaza and built settlements by driving out the indigenous inhabitants? Indians?

And when these errant settlers were relocated to the West Bank, occupying more Palestinian territory, Israel imposed a total land, sea and air blockade of the entire Gaza Strip, with the intention of starving the over 1 million Gaza inhabitants, who, Ms. Schrader might think, happened to be living there as a "fluke of history."

"Palestinians are occupiers of Jewish land." Incredible! Who does Ms. Schrader think were living there for thousands of years before these European Jews came and occupied Palestine? Eskimos?

And what have the Palestinians got to do with the Holocaust? Aside from the present-day "holocaust" against the Palestinians, the blame for that sad episode of "man's inhumanity to man" should be put on the Europeans and not on the Arabs.

In conclusion, Ms. Schrader, more American journalists need to report the 60 years of brutal occupation by Israel of Palestinian, Syrian and other Arab territories and people. As Desmond Tutu remarked: "If people remain neutral in situations of injustice, then they are complicit in that injustice."

George M. Karsa



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