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Fri, Aug. 23

Letter: Article stokes anti-Semitic flames


The Daily Courier's article ("Former Prescott College student will participate in flotilla supporting Palestinians on the Gaza Strip," June 20) effusively praised a former Prescott College student for standing against the tiny country of Israel, described as "a brutal military power repressing civilian people."

It claims that this PC alum, an "exceptional" person, will join a "worldwide effort to break Israel's blockade and siege of the occupied Palestinian territory." Never mind the fact that after the Jews vacated the Gaza Strip and gave it to the Palestinians in the hope of peace, it soon became a launching pad for missiles and rockets into Israel.

If the Courier thinks that the occupiers of Jewish land, the Palestinians, are facing inhumane treatment, perhaps it has forgotten what happened to the Jews during WWII when 6 million were starved and murdered during Hitler's reign. Since 1948, the state of Israel has become the only physical guarantee that another Holocaust will not occur.

It is ironic for the article to state that "Israel is destroying an entire civilization" when it is simply attempting to save itself from its attackers. I beg the Courier to end the bias and study the history of the Jewish people who continue to endure an unremitting campaign of violent anti-Semitism by Arab and Soviet-backed enemies seeking their demise. In his book "A History of the Jews," Paul Johnson wrote, "One of the principal lessons of Jewish history has been that repeated verbal slanders are sooner or later followed by violent physical deeds."

Should American journalists be engaged in such flagrant anti-Semitic activity as well?

Holly Schrader

Chino Valley

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