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Mon, June 24

Letter: Tax breaks won't reduce the deficit


Given all the false information put out by the Republican Party and the endless propaganda by the Democrats, I was amazed, but not too surprised, by the last election results. After all, this was the same population that gave George Bush a second term after he started a war based on fabricated information about weapons of mass destruction. Even a financial crisis of epic proportions, mostly brought on by financial deregulation during the Bush era, didn't faze our savvy electorate. Instead of bipartisan cooperation to get us out of this mess, the Grand Old Party is not going to play unless they get their way. They have apparently decided en masse to stonewall any solution put out by the Democrats, and the Democrats are going to cave in.

Though everyone is concerned by the huge deficit, you can pretty much bet the farm that our wealthiest citizens are going to continue getting the tax breaks that contributed to the huge deficit in the first place. Even millionaires who benefited from the meltdown will continue getting breaks. The theory once again being circulated is that benefits will "trickle down" and create more jobs. Since the tax cuts have been in effect for the wealthy for some time now, how has that worked out for us so far? Manufacturers are fixated strictly on the bottom line, and since labor is cheaper in other countries, who is going to benefit from whatever has trickled down?

The Republicans want tax breaks for everyone, yet they say they want to reduce the deficit. Can you guess where the cuts will be made?

Kathy Svendsen


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