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Sun, Feb. 23

Letter: Eliminating government departments makes sense


In the Dec. 12 Courier, Bob Lynne wrote a scathing letter in which he said the Tea Party was not united in one message and was disorganized. He also cited allegations of members making racial slurs. Apparently, Mr. Lynne was confused and was referring to the Occupy movement rather than the Tea Party.

He accused the Tea Party of trying to cripple the government and the unions and slashing regulations and taxes on corporations. In addition, he decries the proposed elimination of the departments of Education, Energy and Commerce. Since 1980, the Department of Education has consumed more than $1.3 trillion tax dollars, yet the quality of education in this country has declined markedly. Only the teachers unions have benefited, and certainly not our children. Some bargain! The Department of Energy has curtailed off-shore drilling, delayed natural gas production in the Midwest, and increased our dependency on foreign oil. Meanwhile, the Department of Commerce has done nothing of note. Our corporate tax rate is now the highest in the world, making our corporations less competitive and eliminating millions of jobs.

Unions have destroyed our education system, our railroads, our automotive manufacturing, our airlines and many other sectors of our economy. They have taken over most government agencies and forced overly generous pension programs, which are now bankrupting towns, cities, counties, states and even the federal government.

Mr. Lynne mocks terms like "free enterprise" and "personal freedom." He calls these terms "lines of right-wing propaganda." But these are the values guaranteed by our Constitution.

If Mr. Lynne craves even bigger, more intrusive government that would control every aspect of our lives, perhaps he would be happier in Venezuela or Cuba. I'll take the good old U.S.A. any time.

Bert King


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