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6:30 PM Fri, Feb. 15th
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Letter: Not all scientists accept the theory of evolution


In response to Nigel Reynolds' letter on Dec. 9, he first tries to convince you that the theory of evolution is an accepted theory in science. Actually, only about 60 percent of working scientists today accept the theory, and there are well over 10,000 scientists in the U.S. (many with Ph.D.s) who do not accept it.

Nigel knows this only too well as he was thoroughly trounced in a debate with Dr. Kevin Anderson (microbiologist), on May 27, 2006, when he was so overwhelmed with real science that refuted evolution theory that he was not able to overcome. Even though he was badly beaten in this debate, he persisted in his blind faith in everything being brought about by time and chance.

Next, Reynolds is completely disingenuous when he tries to say that if creationists had any proof against evolutionary theory, they would publish it in the science journals, when he knows very well that the science journals he is referring to are controlled by evolutionary scientists and would never accept any article that was submitted by a creation scientist as they will go to great lengths to protect their pet theory (see the movie, "Expelled, No Intelligence Allowed"), as Dr. Anderson proved this to him in the debate.

Reynolds then maligns the Bible by calling it folklore and claiming that it is full of errors. There have been many very learned men throughout the past 2,000 years who would disagree with him on this, but one book I'd recommend on this is, "When Critics Ask," by Geisler and Howe, as it explains, what critics say, are contradictions in the Bible.

Lastly, he says that I am "denigrating science." I love real science, but will denigrate the science fiction of evolutionary theory every chance I get because it is antiscience; it goes against the known laws of science, and I just don't have enough faith to believe that the order of the universe and everything in it could come about by chance. You see, when people stop believing in God, they don't believe in nothing ...t hey believe in anything!

Reynolds disputes that there is a mountain of scientific evidence against his pet theory, yet when I lent him several DVDs, videos and books to see what some of this evidence is, he only looked at a few minutes of one of them and refused to look at and read the rest. This is typical of the many evolutionists I've spoken with - they always refuse to look at the evidence - I wonder what they are afraid of?

David McNabb



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