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Mon, July 15

Letter: Vote reps out for failing with jobs bill


Though introduced by President Obama in September, the American Jobs Bill remains stalled in Congress. It is being dismantled by Republicans, much as they did with the healthcare bill. An effective healthcare bill with a public option couldn't get past the Republicans because they believe those services should be handled by private, profit-making insurance companies. They called Obama's plan "socialism."

The jobs bill as presented by the president would put teachers, firemen, policemen, construction workers, etc., back to work, while at the same time rebuilding our aging infrastructure such as schools and roads. If not now, the work will need to be done in the future, and probably at a much higher interest rate. The act also asks banks to renegotiate mortgage loans for those in danger of being foreclosed on, or rewrite the original contract entirely. What is not to like about these solutions? The Republicans don't like the bill. It would be "ineffective."

Every Obama proposal is defeated by Republicans, mostly through filibustering. What are their solutions to the unemployment problem? Tax breaks for the wealthy and financial and environmental deregulation is their stock answer to everything. For example, John McCain's Jobs Through Growth Act calls for the recall of the Dodd-Frank Act, which was enacted to regulate the banks and Wall Street after the collapse. Further, McCain's bill proposes a reduction of taxes for the top earners to 25 percent maximum. Major reasons given by analysts for the "recession" was deregulation of banks and Wall Street, and failure to increase taxes to pay for the wars and the prescription drug plan. These people have selective memory, as they've forgotten who and what got us here.

Given who our representatives are, I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for them to vote for the jobs bill. We just need new representatives.

Kathy Svendsen



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