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Fri, Oct. 18

Letter: Don't trust science? Prove it is incorrect


Here we go again! Our local expert on all matters scientific, David McNabb, has again pronounced that evolution is a fairytale and the truth about creation lies in Genesis (Letters, Nov. 21). He ignores the fact that the vast majority of scientists accept the Theory of Evolution in the same way they accept the theory of the atom - both of these mature theories continue to develop more details as new evidence comes to light, but there is no longer discussion of the basic points (nor of the age of the Earth).

If McNabb, or anyone else, wishes to challenge any scientific theory, there are appropriate journals in which evidence can be presented. McNabb's "mountain" of evidence against evolution is from Christian fundamentalist media, not in professional science journals.

The Bible is a sacred book, and gives guidance as how to live one's life. The Old Testament includes Jewish history and explanations of the world before modern science existed. Experts who have studied the Bible's origins (experts of all beliefs, including many Christians) have identified different authors, when they wrote, what is real history, what is folklore and what can't be defined. The Bible is not inerrant.

Read Genesis 1 and 2 yourself - there are two stories written by two different authors with two different sequences of creation. Later in Genesis, the story of Noah's ark has two versions, now intertwined, again with contradictions between them. Genesis refutes inerrancy.

None of this really matters except the USA needs more scientists to stay competitive with other nations. By denigrating science, McNabb might reduce the number of U.S. students willing to study it.

Nigel Reynolds


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