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Mon, Aug. 10

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Our young people need good examples, not rock throwers

To those that ‘Also Serve’

Measuring everything with a political ruler can sink the ship

Whether this feels like heaven or hell may depend on how you use your spoon

A missed target and a prize still won

Reach a little deeper to show compassion over judgment

Labels of good and bad can fog our window of perspective

The sometimes hidden beauty of ‘This too shall pass’

We are not necessarily in the same boat during this pandemic

2 brothers, a fence and a wise carpenter

What really matters ‘At Day’s End’ is how we treat each other

Are you a builder or a wrecker during COVID-19 pandemic?

How you see Prescott depends on what you are looking for

Give food, give money, wave or salute, but don’t judge

What’s happened to commitment in marriage? 5 suggested promises

One person to stand up and say, ‘Hey, leave him alone’

What ever happened to May Day?

Hope has no limits for parents of a missing child

A Christmas pause for freedom

A bicycle for a kiss and a broken promise

Two boys with flowers, and a revelation on gratitude

Hate destructive in all its guises, even in our vocabulary

11 traits that reveal the measure of a man

Reporting a DUI: Are we as brave as a 13-year-old girl?

Oft overlooked 4th verse of National Anthem carries a reminder

Chivalry over Tokyo: The WWII story of Hap Halloran and Hideichi Kaiho (Part 2)

Chivalry over Tokyo: The WWII story of Hap Halloran and Hideichi Kaiho (Part 1)

Such a man is needed today

Real fathers don't say, 'I told you so'

What my grandfather taught me with a trick trombone

Salesman or cheater, what I learned from an honest clown

How Allied POWs were saved by a glider that never flew

A bugle, a bus and a boy who thought he knew

Overcoming failure and the little-known origin of Silly Putty

A radio station, a bomb and Kermit the Frog - why belief matters

Decency should win over vulgarity and violence

One pilot, one parachute and a chance meeting that changed a life

Proud of the grandmother who spoke up to cursing teens

Love flag and country by choice, not by law

An obituary, dynamite and the threads we weave

The almost forgotten kindness of Everett Hardin Almond

Not everyone is trying to steal your biscuits

Sandwich shop owner says, 'I didn't really think anyone would notice'

Supercut music video reminds us we all have a purpose on earth

Music video by American Idol star David Archuleta is truly GLORIOUS

Test scores not the true measure of a child, or adult

Viral video declares the unthinkable, impossible and unfathomable message of Easter

Woman kicked out of restaurant after taking blind man's money

The parable of the magic table (How tax credits help you and our community)

Broadcast will honor virtues and values of Scouting in America

An almost unnoticed moment of honor at the Humboldt Cemetery

Defending the right to own guns and hummers in the U.S.

Tobacco tax fight reveals what matters most to Arizona voters

Halting suicides may start with sharing a sandwich

How do you get a boy to start reading?

When is a good time to pull out a ukulele?

Baby owl was worth saving

Who is responsible when a dog bites a child?

What U.S. children do with 53 hours a week

Top 5 Dr. Seuss stories with life lessons

New video clip helps educate teens about Holocaust

Are Google camera vehicles a breach of privacy?

20 customer turn-offs every small business should know

Why are Mormons celebrating the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible?

Should wheelchairs be allowed in the drive-through?

A mysophobe walks into a burger place

Top 100 toys from the past very revealing

7 secrets for a lasting love affair

What makes an angel?

Could a backpack have stopped this child abduction?

What's hidden beneath the surface of a man

What's it like to be old?

The parable of the #2 pencil

Creation and credit for life does not belong to science

Bob Hope: a character, and a man of character

Families of all kinds should be protected

Strengthening our communities through volunteering

Linus reminded us ever so well

For better grades, keep music programs in our schools

Wanted: Good role models

One nation under God, again

School prayer, what are we afraid of?

Take the U.S. flag etiquette quiz

When your daughter chooses a husband

It should be okay to give an honest answer about marriage beliefs

When a baby laughed at the post office

Abortion: Parents' rights should equal parental responsibility

What happened to teaching abstinence? The survey says...

Does God still fit in America?

Celebrating marriage, faith and commitment

Child injured in hit and run, but before we judge the man ...

A Poem for Father's Day: The Race

Sex offender awareness: Notices meant to inform, not frighten

Time to get tough on bullies - parents and the law

R-rated means, "Really think about it"

Spelling out success starts with reading

Video: To compete with the beauty of flowers

Video: A single mother with enduring hope

Video: A wish that people would be more like animals

If I could pick my daughter's future husband

Video Share

The power to turn away malice

Tribute to Snape

Santa signing to 3-year-old

3-year-old sings Disney song

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