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Mon, July 22

Letter: Grocer talk should be free of class rhetoric


In response to the letter from Kyle Anderson questioning who asked for TJ's to come here, the straight forward answer is the citizens of Yavapai County. Furthermore, class warfare rhetoric has now descended from the world of politics to where people shop.

In one of the more outrageous comments that TJ's is a store for the rich, the writer reflects a distorted view of American capitalism. Simply stated, TJ's has come to Yavapai County because sufficient numbers of its citizens from Prescott, Sedona, Flagstaff, and yes, Prescott Valley, have traveled many miles on I-17 to shop in the Valley.

Apparently TJ's decided Prescott was the ideal location to satisfy the public. It should also be noted that Sedona and Flagstaff competed for the store location. As a very successful business, if widespread interest did not exist they would not be here. That is the nature of the "free market system."

Similarly, for those who feel TJ's does not satisfy their needs, don't shop there. However, to then superimpose that attitude on the rest of the community and accuse individuals who have a different mindset as "elitists" is divisive and without foundation and has no place in our free democratic society.

Unfortunately, there are no longer limits on the lack of civility and class warfare rhetoric !!

Bernard M. Cygan



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