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Tue, Sept. 24

Gamer's Grid: Halo: Reach

Nintendo fans rejoice! Metroid Other M has at last released for fans in the U.S. to finally find out why Samus became the hardcore bounty hunter we all know and love. Now our new focus comes to us in two weeks... Halo Reach. There are pre orders still available in your local Best Buy location. Though there is a limited edition X360 slim model like they did with the Halo 360 edition, it can only be pre ordered online. Nice silver finish with the game, 250 gb HDD and matching controller.

Metroid Other M - Wii (8/31) Rated: T

Samus is alive - saved when a baby Metroid gave its life to protect hers. Picking up where the events of Super Metroid ended, Samus begins telling her own tale. This personal and revealing story of her failings, flaws and motivations is what drives the action-packed plot of Metroid: Other M. Searching through a decommissioned space facility known as the Bottle Ship, Samus unveils the truth behind her past. Prepare to suit up for an adventure unlike any you've experienced before.

Metroid: Other M begins immediately following the exciting events of Super Metroid. You will learn about Samus's engaging life and how she traded her haunted past for the solitude of being a bounty hunter. Hold the Wii Remote sideways when battling in third-person and point it at the screen to immediately switch to the first-person perspective for precise aiming and exploring environments. Dynamic storytelling and cinematography combine with exciting first- and third-person gameplay for an adventure never before experienced in the Metroid saga. If you're a Metroid fan of any part of the Series YOU MUST PLAY THIS GAME!

Pre Orders Coming up: *Preorderable at Best Buy!*

Halo: Reach - X360 (9/14)

Medal of Honor - X360, Ps3 (10/12)

Fallout: New Vegas - Ps3, X360, Pc (10/19)

Fable III - X360 (10/26)

Call of Duty: Black Ops - X360, PS3, Wii, PC (11/9)

*Release dates can change without notice from publisher*

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