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Fri, July 19

Letter: Listen to economists, reject 'Obama Elixir'


Once again we are treated to the convoluted distortion of the facts by someone who has swallowed the "Obama Elixir," and displays a strong bias for entitlements and class warfare rhetoric. The attempted rewriting of history by Mr. Archie Wood, "Letter: Casserly's warning applies to his column," misrepresents unemployment numbers, the effects of the so-called stimulus package, the growth in GNP and what Congressman Ryan has proposed in his economic plan.

Noted economists, as reported in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and Forbes magazine, have called the stimulus plan a failure and that the real unemployment number is closer to 17 percent not the reported 9.6 percent. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported that Obama began his term with unemployment at 7.29 percent and we were told his polices would cap this number at 8 percent and decline.

The Ryan Economic Plan does suggest a national sales tax but it is offered as a replacement of our current discriminatory tax code where less than half of our citizens actually pay income taxes. With regard to current Medicare, Medicaid, virtually every economist, health industry professional, entrepreneur and businessman have stated that these programs are not sustainable. They need to be replaced or significantly modified and that Obama Care is not the answer. Sixty to 65 percent of Americans want this tragedy repealed as they view it as a giant leap toward the failed government programs of Canada and socialist European countries.

GNP under Obama has been virtually flat, shows no signs of improvement and pales badly in comparison to the Reagan, Sr. Bush and the Clinton years. Even under G.W. Bush, no fiscal conservative, GNP was better.

As we approach the election, our choices should not be limited by political party but rather by candidates who display fiscally-sound accounting principles and reject socialist, entitlement and a class warfare mentality.

Bernard Cygan



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