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Fri, Nov. 15

Letter: Debate continues on religious implications


My Oct. 12 letter has resulted in two defensive Fundamentalist responses, neither of which addressed my main point (i.e., the intolerance of Fundamentalists who condemn Islam as satanic).

Ms. Schrader (Nov. 4) writes that Fundamentalists are the only true Christians. Of the world's population, about 33 percent are Christian and 20 percent Islamic, while only about 5 percent are Fundamentalists. If their all-powerful and all-knowing God was as intolerant of non-Fundamentalists as they are, He would have taken some unmistakable action during the last two millennia to make it clear that over 95 percent of the people he created have the wrong belief!

Mr. Williams (Oct. 28) states that ongoing terrorism by a few radical Muslims is appalling, as is Sharia Law - I agree with him - but he ignores my point about past atrocities by Christians. In general, Christianity has advanced beyond killing others with different beliefs.

However, abortion doctors still are being murdered or attacked by Fundamentalist extremists, with some excusing this behavior. That said, these acts do not rise to the level of Muslim atrocities. There is no doubt that American culture is much more tolerant than the cultures in many Islamic countries, but that is slowly changing.

Which version of the Bible does Ms. Schrader consider to be the word of God? If she is interested in the accuracy of the Bible, she should read "Misquoting Jesus" by Bart Ehrman (available at the library). She will discover that various extant manuscripts, second century and later, of the New Testament gospels have differences, some quite significant. For the Old Testament, how does she explain the different text found in some Dead Sea Scrolls?

These questions do not cause problems to most Christians, who view the Bible as written by man under God's guidance, and inevitably will contain some human error.

Nigel Reynolds


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