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Tue, June 25

Letter: Science clears the air about climate change


The question of climate change because of mankind is based on atmospheric science and not alarmist or unsubstantiated opinions.

The atmosphere of the Earth has been studied and analyzed for more than 200 years. The Earth's atmosphere is composed of 78 percent molecular nitrogen, 21 percent molecular oxygen, 388 parts per million carbon dioxide and a few other rare gases.

It is also known that a denser atmosphere will hold more heat. From atmospheric density and temperature data, an increase of atmospheric density of 1 percent will produce an increase of 1 degree Fahrenheit. Since the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is less that 0.04 percent, which amounts to less than 0.06 percent weight, the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will produce less than 0.06 degrees F.

From atmospheric data of 1950, the carbon dioxide content was stated as 340 parts per million. This results in a growth rate of about one-fifth of our population's growth rate. Hence, the carbon dioxide growth rate is not related to the population growth rate.

There are only four lighter-than-air greenhouse gases emitted from an internal combustion engine or a jet engine; these are carbon, water vapor, carbon monoxide and nitric oxide. The latter two compounds when exposed to the atmosphere will form carbon dioxide and oxides of nitrogen. These and other heavier-than-air compounds will be drawn to the earth (bouncy principle in physics). Carbon may be in the form of atoms which will combine with our oxygen-rich atmosphere to form carbon dioxide, which is 1.5 times heavier than the atmosphere. Also, carbon dioxide is colorless, which results in low absorption and reflection qualities. Carbon may also be emitted in the form of soot, which is dark in color and readily absorbs radiant solar energy. Large amounts of this form of carbon in the atmosphere will produce a cooling effect of the Earth, just like past volcanic eruptions have done.

A little atmospheric science removes the erroneous beliefs and distortions made by the global alarmists.

Jerry Fowler


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