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Fri, March 22

On Beatrix Potter, Secretariat and Mom Sex

Courtesy photo<br>
Beatrix Potter had no children and I don't think she bothered to draw a picture of Flopsy.

Courtesy photo<br> Beatrix Potter had no children and I don't think she bothered to draw a picture of Flopsy.

There's not much about sex in this entry. It's the headlines that sell the papers (or blogs) after all. Let's talk instead about motivating budding thespians, tweed suits, and the smooth musical stylings of the Rev. Al Green.

I'm having a hard time figuring out when to push my kid and when to let him find his own way. It was easier when he was in pre-school. Any day where he came home without a bodily fluid on his shirt was a victory. Now in Kindergarten everyone's standards are a little higher. He is supposed to recognize letters and line up after recess. Fortunately they have an elaborate system involving colored cards to gauge behavior, progress and behavioral lapses. I wish we could introduce this system at my workplace. I've been in meetings where my best course of action would have been to stop talking and slap a red card on the table: Time Out!

Most recently, our little budding thespian was elected by his classmates to play the lead in his class holiday pageant - the title character in Peter Rabbit. And get this: he turned it down! He "would rather play Flopsy." Flopsy! Do you remember Flopsy and Mopsy from the book? Of course you don't. They are Peter's underachieving siblings. I think they go to the blackberry patch or something and that is the extent of their ambition and contribution.

Why would he make this choice? When offered the sun, does one choose a cold and distant star? Gentle reader, he has spurned the spotlight. I do not understand. I suppose I should be grateful given all we see and hear of the antics of child actors. I guess I won't be meeting Dr. Drew Pinsky any time soon (too bad; my friend CB and I have a little crush on him).

In other news, a friend of mine suggested I write a blog entry about Mom Sex. Well, it's a great idea for a topic, really, but I can't do that. Because my own Mom, and my mother-in-law, and my Dad, and my father-in-law, read this blog. They may in fact be my only readers. The topic at hand was about how Christian women are finding progressive ways to reconcile some of the rigidity (dare I say negativity?) around sex in the more traditional church communities. It reminded me of an interview I heard recently with the Rev. Al Green on the House of Blues Radio Hour (my first employer, by the way). As you probably know, the Rev is known for his seductive and soulful anthems to love, such as "Let's Stay Together" and "I'm Still in Love with You." Green grew up in the gospel tradition and is an ordained minister with an active congregation in Memphis. When asked by his parishioners whether he saw any contradiction in performing sensual music while preaching the Good News, he replied, and I'm paraphrasing here because I don't have the transcript: "How do you think you all got here if not through the kind of loving act my songs inspire?"

The only thing I will say about sex is to state an opinion that I hope does not sound anti-feminist, because it cuts both ways: be attractive, at all ages. Go only to the lengths to which you are comfortable, and do it for yourself, not your spouse.

Lastly, since this blog is a paean to the working Mom, I encourage you to see Secretariat. It's not that the lead character, Penny Chenery, played as the picture of class by the beautiful Dianne Lane, is the best onscreen example of a mother or even business woman (luck played a huge part in her success). I just really enjoyed the way she handled herself in the spotlight, with her family and under duress. She is understated but determined, tailored and unflappable, wearing lots of great tweeds and hats - a role model for us working mothers of all eras.


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