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Mon, March 25

Gamer's Grid: Sin and Punishment: Star Successor

As Starcraft II Fans count down and remain patient in waiting for one more month, the month of June draws to a close. This week has a handful of exciting titles being released including Naughty Bear, Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4, and The Last Airbender. These titles mentioned below were some heavy hitting titles in the recently passed E3 and I'm very excited to see them released.

Sin and Punishment: Star Successor - Wii (6/27) Rated: T

This is a sequel to an extremely popular Nintendo 64 cult classic title, "Sin and Punishment". In Star Successor, you find your heroes fighting relentless waves of enemies tied to a post-apocalyptic theme and setting. The sequel introduces two new renegade heroes into the plot, Isa and Kachi, battling their way through hordes coming from all sides. Nothing is too clear on the exact story, but it has stunning graphics for the Wii and is extremely fun to play as it is claimed (to me proven) to be the first true "shooter" for the Wii.

Singularity - X360, Ps3, PC (6/29) Rated: M

Set in an alternate version of present day 2010, you assume the role of a US Air Force pilot who stumbles across a major radiation signature and a Cold War Era Soviet project. You find yourself in a remote island known as Katorga-12 where the laws of time mean nothing. Prepare yourself to be thrown between present day and the 1950's without warning while collecting information about a sinister conspiracy that had some surprises of its own. Wielding a powerful time manipulation device, you can alter time to solve the puzzle of what is really going on.

Pre Orders Coming up:

Starcraft II - PC (7/27) *now accepting In Store at Best Buy*

Halo Reach - X360 (9/14)

Medal of Honor - X360, Ps3, PC (10/12)

Call of Duty: Black Ops - X360, Ps3, PC (11/9)

*Dates can and may change at any time*


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