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Fri, Oct. 18

Column: Obama likes bill forcing birth certificate release?

HOLLYWOOD - God bless America, and how's everybody?

The White House backed a bill giving ethnic Hawaiians a share of public lands if they can prove their pure Hawaiian blood. It's crazy. Why on earth would President Obama back a bill that forces every Hawaiian to produce a birth certificate?

Tiger Woods checked into a new clinic in Arizona. He went to a rehab in Mississippi to treat his sex addiction, then to Arizona to deal with his prescription drug use. After that he goes to New York City where his next apology opens off-Broadway.

Ole Miss got rid of Mississippi's Rebels nickname after they'd replaced the Plantation Owner mascot. Not all the Confederacy's ideas turned out to be bad. Here in the middle of a swine flu epidemic everyone wants their own drinking fountain.

The White House invited Republicans to a health care summit Thursday even though Democrats planned to use a 51-vote reconciliation process called the nuclear option to pass reform without them. It won't end there. If Democrats think reconciliation is the nuclear option just wait until South Carolina explains nullification to them.

California chain restaurants were forced by a new state law to begin printing the number of calories next to each item on the menu. It's already hurting business. The customers stormed out of the Cheesecake Factory in Beverly Hills rather than pay $1,230 for pie a la mode.

Bill Clinton discussed his impeachment with Fox News as a new book came out about his duel with Ken Starr over the Monica Lewinsky affair. In hindsight it all worked out for him. If Bill Clinton hadn't prolonged the sex scandal he would have had time to tackle health care reform and it would've ended his presidency.

Al-Qaeda's Najibullah Zazi pleaded guilty to plotting to bomb a N.Y. subway with chemicals he bought in a beauty store. It was a failed terrorist attempt. Peroxide isn't enough if you want to destroy mankind, you need silicone implants, too.

Gettysburg National Battlefield hosted a picnic of gun rights advocates celebrating a new law allowing Americans to carry guns in national parks. There are 13 secession movements in the United States and now there are guns at Gettysburg. President Obama just announced he'll skip the Ford's Theater gala this year.

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