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Tue, Feb. 18

CD1 GOP candidates talk economy, economy, economy

EDITOR'S NOTE - The Daily Courier newspaper is publishing biographical information about all the candidates for the 1st Congressional District and Legislative District One who are facing competition in the primary election.The newspaper also is running candidates' answers to several questions.Only Republicans are facing primary election competition in the LD1 (House) and CD1 races. Two seats are available in the LD1 House race. Early voting started July 29 and the primary election day is Aug. 24.The primary winner in the CD1 race will face incumbent Democrat U.S. Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick, and the primary winners in the LD1 race will face off against Democrat Lindsay Bell in the Nov. 2 general election. Incumbent Republican Arizona Sen. Steve Pierce also will face Democrat Bob Donahue in the LD1 Senate race.Following is the second in a series of questions The Daily Courier asked the Republican primary candidates for Arizona's 1st Congressional District. Their answers are paraphrased.Q: What congressional actions would help the CD1 economy? Were the bank bailouts and stimulus money necessary?• Bradley Beauchamp - Eliminate federal regulations and open up our natural resources. The local timber industry used to thrive and we need to thin out our forests. Cattle also can help limit undergrowth. Minerals also should be more available. The best thing is to create a business-friendly environment and get out of the way. Government doesn't create jobs. Drop corporate and personal income taxes and extend the Bush tax cuts.We didn't need the stimulus money and bank bailouts. Most of the stimulus money will be spent during election years. We bailed out Wall Street and left small businesses with nothing. Small businesses create 75 percent of the jobs but they can't get loans.• Russell "Rusty" Bowers - Overzealous regulations are impeding access to CD1 natural resources and hurting other businesses. We should increase the availability of credit through smaller banks. New rules on credit hurt when banks started going under. Drop business tax rates and extend Bush's tax cuts.The stimulus money and bank bailouts were not necessary. The region might be getting stimulus money but it costs $2,400/person.• Paul Gosar - Cut regulations. Reduce estate, employers and income taxes and cut the budget accordingly. The government should invest in its collapsing infrastructure and let private companies do the work.I don't like rewarding the bad behavior of banks. Maybe we should have taken out the dysfunctional parts of the big banks and let others bid on them. If we were going to do anything, we should have infused money into small banks to loan to small businesses instead. And the stimulus money made things worse. Where are the private jobs?• Sydney Hay - Over-regulation is my pet peeve. We just need to let entrepreneurs flourish. CD1 has a lot of natural resources, and we need to keep those jobs and manage our forests better. Cut taxes.The stimulus money and bank bailouts were not necessary. It was wrong for taxpayers to foot the bill. I'm more scared of the government going bankrupt. The feds could have stopped the recession before it happened. For example, we shouldn't keep Securities and Exchange Commission fines secret from investors.• Joe Jaraczewski - The CD1 economy is based largely on tourism, so across-the-board tax cuts would encourage people to take more vacations here. Term limits and a balanced budget amendment would help, too.The stimulus money was a Chicago-style political payoff. Maybe the banks needed a little grease, but they never started lending again. The banks don't want to claim the shadow foreclosure market out there.• Jon Jensen - Congress should help promote creative business and tourism ideas, including the Copper Resolution mine, Sedona's regional forest preservation efforts, and water needs for a Navajo casino and Flagstaff.I oppose the stimulus money and bank bailouts. The feds used scare tactics. Free enterprise should rule and government should be limited. The stimulus money wasn't used efficiently. Banks gave out huge bonuses.• Steve Mehta - Close the border so citizens can get more jobs and the cost of government services goes down. Unemployment payments now produce a disincentive to work. Government jobs are not the solution. Support small businesses with tax breaks, and credits for research and development. Offer credits for alternative energy including use of biomass from forest thinning.The bank bailouts occurred under President Bush's watch. I guess if I was in Congress and the Treasury secretary told me the financial world was in danger of imminent destruction, and other sources agreed, I would have to go along with the bailouts.I wouldn't go along with the stimulus money, however. We shouldn't spend what's left of it.• Thomas Zaleski - Slash taxes and government spending, bringing the budget back to 2003 levels. We need another Grace Commission report that recommends cuts in fraud and waste. No more earmarks. No more unfunded mandates. All the federal borrowing is making the cost of capital for small businesses too high.I support a flat income tax of about 12 percent. Exempt all capital gains from taxes on any asset held two years or longer, while increasing that tax on gains held fewer than 120 days. That would slow down the commodities market.We didn't need the bailouts or stimulus money. World War II brought us out of the Great Depression.
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