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Sun, Oct. 20

Field of eight squares off in CD1 race

The Daily Courier is publishing biographical information about all the candidates for the 1st Congressional District and Legislative District One who are facing competition in the primary election.The newspaper also is running candidates' answers to several questions.Only Republicans are facing primary election competition in the LD1 (House) and CD1 races. Two seats are available in the LD1 House race.Early voting started July 29 and the primary election day is Aug. 24.Name: Bradley BeauchampAge: 38Party, for how long: Republican, since about 1996.Birthplace: PhoenixResidence, for how long: Arizona entire life except during law school; Globe in CD1 since 1991.Occupation: General practice attorney since 2002.Political experience: Appointed to school board, then ran for the job and lost.Other helpful experience: Twenty years studying U.S. Constitutional issues; taught history and government at Miami Junior High School and Liberty Charter High School.Education: Bachelor's in Education at Northern Arizona University; law degree at Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego.Top 3 issues: Job creation, government spending and Congressional disregard for Constitution.• How do you stand out in the field of eight CD1 Republican primary candidates?I'm the only one with a Constitutional background. My experience is grounded in lawmaking. Congress is abusing the Bill of Rights. For example, the Commerce Clause is the most horribly misinterpreted power of Congress.Name: Russell "Rusty" BowersAge: 57Party, for how long: Republican, since first registered to vote.Birthplace: Mesa.Residence, for how long: Family came to northern Arizona in 1875. Lifelong Arizona resident including Chino Valley while youngster 1954-58; rural Maricopa County (part of CD1 until 2002) most of adult life; then moved to Superior in CD1 in January.Occupation: Sculptor, painter and government industry representative/lobbyist for Arizona Rock Products Association since 2001.Political experience: Arizona House of Representatives 1993-96, Arizona Senate 1997-2001, Arizona Senate Appropriations Chair 1999-2000, Arizona Senate Majority Leader 2001.Other helpful experience: Boy Scout leader more than a quarter century.Education: Bachelor's in Fine Arts from Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah.Top 3 issues: U.S. border security, economy and national security.• How do you stand out in the field of eight CD1 Republican primary candidates?I have the most political experience. I'm the only one with a record that proves my conservative principles. And I know this district better than any other candidate. As a state legislator, I was more focused on rural issues than Maricopa County issues.Name: Paul GosarAge: 51Party, for how long: Republican, since turned 18.Birthplace: Rock Springs, Wyo.Residence, for how long: Flagstaff in CD1 since 1985.Occupation: Dentist.Political experience: As president of Arizona Dental Association, and vice chair of Arizona Dental Association Council on Government Affairs for past four years, has been involved in health care and business legislation.Other helpful experience: As oldest of 10 children, was inspired by parents' successful fight against use of nuclear bombs to extract Wyoming oil shale.Education: Bachelor's from Creighton University in Omaha, Neb.; Doctor of Dental Surgery from Creighton Boyne School of Dentistry.Top 3 issues: Economy, immigration and health care.• How do you stand out in the field of eight CD1 Republican primary candidates?I've been active in CD1 for 25 years so I understand the area. I understand where small business costs go; my dentist office's overhead is more than 70 percent. As a health care provider I understand federal intrusion into private lives and patients' rights.Name: Sydney HayAge: 54Party, for how long: Republican, all adult life.Birthplace: Aurora, Colo.Residence, for how long: In Arizona since 1979, splitting time between Munds Park in CD1 and Scottsdale since 2001. Preparing to build home in Hillside near Bagdad.Occupation: Public affairs for Southwest Policy Group with various clients, including small mines. Was Arizona Mining Association president until quit to run for CD1.Political experience: Won CD1 Republican primary in 2008; also ran in 2002. Served on Arizona Department of Mines and Mineral Resources elected board. Helped lead several ballot initiative campaigns related to school reform and choice.Other helpful experience: Worked on many issues as activist and volunteer the past three decades, including reducing small business regulations.Education: Bachelor's in Education at Newman University in Wichita, Kan.Top 3 issues: Federal budget, economy/jobs, national defense/border security.• How do you stand out in the field of eight CD1 Republican primary candidates?I have name recognition after spending $4 million on TV ads in past campaigns. I wasn't going to run again until I saw that other like-minded candidates weren't raising enough money to beat Kirkpatrick. When you've plowed the field one time, it is so much easier the second time. You learn a lot running for Congress, such as where to spend your money and how many signs you need. I'm also the only woman in the primary, and I think that's an asset.Name: Joe JaraczewskiAge: 44Party, for how long: Republican, since first registered in 1988.Birthplace: Peru, Ill.Residence, for how long: Cottonwood in CD1 since 2003.Occupation: Helps manage wife's two medical clinics and care for five children; real estate development company owner until 2002.Political experience: Served as intern for Congressman John Porter, and graduate of Morton C. Blackwell's Leadership Institute in Washington, D.C.Other helpful experience: Small businessman and father of five.Education: Bachelor's in Political Science from St. Ambrose University in Davenport, Iowa.Top 3 issues: Secure U.S. borders, Congressional term limits and balanced budget amendment.• How do you stand out in the field of eight CD1 Republican primary candidates?It's important for Yavapai County residents to choose a local candidate, because the next members of Congress will oversee redistricting of the CD1 boundary. Why let other counties dictate the process when Yavapai has the most voters?Name: Jon JensenAge: 57Party, for how long: Republican, since 2000; Democrat, last half of '90s; Independent, approx. 1982-95 and 1970s.Birthplace: Oakland, Calif.Residence, for how long: Arizona 28 years, CD1 about 22 years, first in Greenlee County and now in Prescott Valley.Occupation: Chinle High School assistant principal; previously helped start up the Yavapai High School in Yavapai County; was Greenlee school superintendent and was elementary teacher. Have worked in schools in six Arizona counties.Political experience: Served as elected Greenlee County school superintendent; vice president of Arizona County School Superintendents Assn. 1996-99; and governor's ad-hoc committee to prevent high school dropouts 1993-94.Other helpful experience: Volunteer work including school sports coaching.Education: Bachelor's in Education and Religion at Bethany Bible College in New Brunswick, Canada; pastoral counselor's certificate from University of Santa Clara in Santa Clara, Calif.; and Master's in School Administration at Western New Mexico University in Silver City, N.M.Top 3 issues: federal budget/spending, U.S. border security, and federal government corruption and waste.• How do you stand out in the field of eight CD1 Republican primary candidates?I've worked with Hispanics, Navajos, copper miners and ranchers. It's very important for us to pull them all together and hear the needs of the region. My educational background is unique.Name: Steve MehtaAge: 48Party, for how long: Republican, since first registered to vote.Birthplace: IndiaResidence, for how long: Moved to Ohio at age 1, then lived five years in Canada before family moved back to Ohio. Moved to Arizona in 1990, to California two years then back to Arizona in 1993. Lived in CD1 in Show Low since 1999. Works part-time at Yavapai Regional Medical Center in Prescott.Occupation: Cardiologist. Opened unique heart treatment center in White Mountains until federal government outlawed doctors owning hospitals.Political experience: Testifies before Congress and Legislature as Arizona Governor of the American College of Cardiology.Other helpful experience: Background in top CD1 issues as small business owner, health care practitioner and immigrant.Education: Bachelor's at Kent State University, Medical Degree from Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine at the age of 22, Master's in Business Administration from University of Tennessee.Top 3 issues: Immigration, health care and the economy.• How do you stand out in the field of eight CD1 Republican primary candidates?I moved to CD1 to provide health care services to rural Arizona, and I understand rural needs. As a doctor, I'm trained to analyze issues and gather information. I'm not a career politician and don't plan to be.Name: Thomas ZaleskiAge: 42Party, for how long: Republican, since 1980.Birthplace: Chicago.Residence, for how long: Arizona since 1980, Sedona in CD1 since 2008.Occupation: Owner of Thomas Capital Management, LLC, providing economic, tax and investment counsel to private clients. Previously worked as stockbroker.Political experience: None.Other helpful experience: Extensive experience in economics.Education: Bachelor's in Business Administration from University of Arizona.Top 3 issues: Economy, economy and economy.• How do you stand out in the field of eight CD1 Republican primary candidates?I am the only candidate trained in the Milton Friedman economic philosophy, for the past 25 years. That's important because the economy is the most important issue facing CD1. I can read and understand complicated budget data. A lot of problems can be solved with jobs and targeted tax cuts.
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